Subject: Re: Johnson Space Center - Houston
Hi, Stefano,

To add to Chris' ideas, consider the convenience of a Gray Line bus tour:

The Space Center has been "Disneyfied" to hold kids' interests, but there is a lot for adults to see and learn. I love going every couple of years.

In the Galleria area, there is a shuttle that runs midday (11a-2p) in case you have a break from business and want to make a quick exploration of the area. An especially attractive feature in that part of town is the Williams Tower Water Wall. If you are in walking distance, it'd be a lovely destination for an evening stroll.

Here are links to the shuttle (with a map that might help orient you to the area vis-a-vis your hotel) and to a picture/description of the water wall:

Enjoy your visit, Stefano. Unfortunately, like Chris, who lives in one direction outside of Houston, I've moved 1-1/2 hours out of the city in the opposite direction, or I'd propose that we put together a GTG to welcome you to Texas. Once you witness our urban sprawl and traffic firsthand, you'll appreciate why a weeknight trip in/out of Houston is challenging for those of us who've chosen to retreat to the country!

Diana Ball in Montgomery, TX