Subject: Re: Re: Staying healthy on holiday
Hello Francis,

To stay healthy while on holiday ... 1. I use sunscreen after my morning shower as my body lotion. Then I don't fret as much about UV exposure as I head outdoors. 2. I walk everywhere I can at a brisk pace to offset (somewhat) the meal(s) that I have already consumed or one that I am looking forward to consuming. 3. I carry blister pads and Tums in my purse - 'cause I don't want to be slowed down. 3. I drink loads of bottled water to stay hydrated. 4. I take my usual array of vitamins and minerals ... because that's what I would do at home. 5. I eat and drink and talk and laugh and hum and turn into a sponge for my holiday surroundings because these things keep my heart and my spirit healthy. :)

Lesley, Toronto, Canada