Subject: Re: Staying healthy on holiday
Hello Frances:

Apart from taking a daily vitamin, malaria preventatives more often than not as well, and being careful with water and no salads unless I know the quality of water the items have been washed in, I don't have any sure-fire recipe for staying healthy. I normally don't travel to developed countries, so am usually fare game for tropical diseases and the like. I do carry an over-stocked first aid kit, and always come back with it nearly empty - use it mostly on villagers and locals, but also on myself for things like septic coral cuts, etc. Last trip I developed a tropical ulcer - they just grow, doesn't seem to be much one can do to prevent one if it wants to appear of it's own free will - which took 4 months to begin to dry up and and was extremely painful at times. I developed amoebiasis on a trip through the 'remote area' of Kenya, and that has done something nasty to my insides and has left me prone to stomach troubles at times. I have no problems in some countries, big problems in others. Luck of the draw, I guess. I miss my old cast-iron stomach! I walk a lot while away, but that doesn't help the stomach any.

Nadine Vancouver, Canada