Subject: Re: winter vacations

I second Pat's suggestion about winter in Portugal, the Algarve. I've been there twice in Jan. & once in March. Sunny most of the time with a gentle rain occasionally. Lots of English & German retirees but few Canadians or Americans. The little fishing village of Salema is so lovely with great beach views & access, wonderful fish restaurant, & friendly, local people.

My niece & I are headed back to Egypt in mid-Oct. as well as going to Israel for the 1st time. We were in Egypt in Jan. & found it wonderfully inexpensive & friendly, local folks, as well. We are staying 3 nights in a Luxor apartment on the Nile, owned by an Egyptian man & his English wife. Sounds grand & is very cheap. I'll report back after our trip. I would recommend Egypt as a winter vacation anytime.

And, we didn't get sick in Jan. Always bottled water, ate peeled vegetables...but we did eat lots of tomatoes in salad buffets & hoped they'd been washed! Must have been....'cause we stayed healthy. With 6 Egyptian pounds to the dollar, a full, delicious meal was about $3 or 4 usd.

Carol Bailey looking forward to Israel & Egypt but enjoying N. Idaho sunny fall weather