Subject: NYC Subway Article (was 5 days in ny)
Carrie, I dont read USA today so I would have never seen this excellent article. Thank you for posting it. Made me very homesick! It barely scratched the surface of the trip as well since there are so many great things above ground (or below the EL) at stops to see and experience. Plus, although $2 is an outrage for the subway the addition of a day long $4 pass is an excellent way to sightsee NYC. I remember .10 tokens and remember how upset we all were when it went from .20 directly to .35. Of course pizza was .20 a slice then and Daily News a dime as well. If anyone plans on doing any subway sightseeing I could offer some places to disembark and eat or sightsee. Museums, Parks, or just cool old neighborhoods. Another Great public transport worth a ride for sightseeing is the S.I. Ferry, just stay on and round trip to the island and back , enjoy great skyline views as well as NY Harbor and Lady Liberty, as well as lower Manhattan bridge crossings. Bundle up and stand outside for the freshest air in NYC. Something NYC has very little of. One word of caution though, BE SEATED WHEN DOCKING. The boats have a habbit of bouncing off piers and can send you flying if standing.

Happy Trails, David USA