Subject: Re: Staying healthy on holiday
Hi Ziners,

Funnily enough, I find I am usually at my healthiest when I arrive at my destination! It's when I come back home that I have to be careful.

I think being away on holidays I am more aware of what I am doing. Being on a plane for so long really dries out my skin, so I make a point of moisturising every night and take a vitamin every morning whereas at home I wouldn't bother (or do it so regularly). When I am away I also walk around all day with a water bottle in my day pack which I also wouldn't do at home so I am drinking more water and am more hydrated. And often when staying in a hotel I will buy plastic bowls and spoons and muesli and fruit from a local supermarket and then buy yoghurt or milk daily (unless I have a room fridge) and have breakfast in my room that way rather than cooked breakfasts or pastries (that I do love)... Plus, I think I seem to run on adrenalin when away. Normally at home I'm early to bed at night and get lots of sleep, but when on holidays I am regularly awake till midnight after late dinners, writing in my travel diary, and maybe doing some quick hand washing.

It's when I come back home after hours on a plane and the jet-lag kicks in as I return to my "normal" routine that I take extra care not to catch a cold or get run-down. :)

Megan in Brisbane, Australia where the weather is magic