Subject: Re: India and Bhutan
Hi Pam!

I'm just two days back from Bangledesh, India, Sikkim and Bhutan. They were still dealing with the ravages from the monsoons -- in fact, it was still raining in Bangldesh. Roads are really bad: one lane most times with parts washed out from the monsoons. I assume you will be with guide if not tour in Bhutan for they don't let you wander about on your own. There are wonderful monastaries and temples, good treking, and gorgous scenery. We had ok accomodations - all with facilities though had trouble on occasion stirring up the hot water. Bhutan is cleaner and less populated than India. I don't know specifically what information you need so all I can do is free associate. Will put together something about the trip within the next week or so. I was with a group of 16 arranged by Explore Worldwide - well planned and arranged.

Enjoy! Jo, back in Sunnyvale