Subject: Re: Portugal - Sept 2004
Hi Joshua,

Just had to put my 2 cents in about your remark..."I don't know why anyone would go to the Algarve except for golf..."

The varied world travelers on this list travel for many, many different reasons: golf & other sports, culture, eating, experiencing different climes, history, visiting with other people, to name only a few. Perhaps we need a discussion here about why we travel. Personally, I don't golf but enjoy history of regions, find that it is interesting to get opinions & open one's mind to other cultures & other people's view of us & themselves. It was fascinating to discuss President Bush with Egyptian shopkeepers. Guess I feel it makes me a better person & maybe does a little something for peace & understanding in the world. How do the rest of you Ziners feel? Why do you travel?

Carol Bailey Priest Lake, Idaho USA By the way, I had a nice little personal picture exchange with Sandy about Salema in the Algarve. Lovely.