Subject: Why travel? Was Portugal
Dear Carol and other Ziners,

Why travel?

I was blessed with parents that gave me a great love of traveling and with our trips expanded my horizons.

I travel because it has taught me respect for others and their cultures. It has taught me acceptance of our differences. I travel because it has taught me adaptability. I travel because I love to experience new smells, new tastes, new sounds, new landscapes. I travel because even in the worst scenarios I have learned and have become a better person. I travel because I refuse to be stagnant.

I travel with an open heart and an open mind and have never had any regret.

I am truly grateful to have the ability to travel far or close from home and I am grateful to consider a place "home" to which I can return.

Why do you travel?

Lidia (in LA but always planning a trip or reading a travel related book)