Subject: Re: Portugal - Sept 2004
Hi Josh, You're testing my memory but I'll try to conjure up our Portugese coast trip. We travelled by bus from the Spanish/Portugese border to Sagres and stayed in towns that caught our interest along the way. Our first stop was Olhao where we had our first taste of Algarve hospitality, then on to Faro.

Next we stayed in Albufeira and though it is quite touristed, we had a wonderful day on the beach. We walked to a relatively quiet cove only to find, a few hours later, that the tide had come in and we had to carry our belongings over our heads as we waded a few dozen metres through the water to reach the next cove. Our beach had all but disappeared.

On to Portimao where, if memory serves me, we took a local boat to one of the fishing islands to spend the day relaxing, walking and having a lunch of freshly caught sardines (they were huge) and a big bowl of boiled, herbed potatoes, cooked by the fisherman who had caught the sardines a few hours early. Now that's fresh!

Then we headed to Lagos, which was the jumping off point for many of the ships that headed out to explore the "unknown" world during Portugal's Age of Discovery in the 15th/16th centuries.

Our final stop on our voyage was a day trip to Sagres where Henry the Navigator supposedly had his school of navigation. The jury is still out on this one. Sagres promontary juts out to the sea where the Mediterranean meets the Atlantic Ocean and can be quite wild weatherwise.

Throughout all this trip, we visited churches and other sites and spent a lot of time in the port areas of the towns mingling with locals, eating at fishermen's bars and savouring some wonderful port wine.

So thanks, Joshua, you've rekindled my memories and, as I wrote before, if/when we go back we may just take in a golf game.

Lucy, Toronto