Subject: Re: tipping guides for london walks
Hi Ziners, Great topic! I am not sure how much guides are paid in London, but as a part-time seasonal interpretive guide here in Canada, I can tell you we are not paid much, especially for our education, experience and knowledge, basically minimum wage plus tips. I find that if I take the time to get to know people individually (not easy when we are given groups of 25 or more for 2 hours), manage the group, be social and happy, and let people know my background, tips improve significantly. I am concerned for the quality of tour for large groups so I bring my husband along, most times un-paid by the employer, just to bring the ratio of guide to client down. People are always amazed when they find out they are being led by a biologist/teacher and a health care professional who are a husband-wife team! We don't do it for the money, but someone showing their appreciation for the pride we take in our work is sure appreciated! We have even had one retired physician invite us to visit and stay with him in Fla! I believe that meeting us makes a significant difference in the impression and experience the visitor takes away! To me, that is the role of the guide beyond pointing out the key features and telling the stories. Any other guides out there like to comment? Donna Nature & Heritage Interpreter since 1987, Nationally Certified Nanaimo, BC