Subject: Travel to the US
Hi Ziners,

Visitors to the US should be aware that the US-Visit program has expanded to include citizens of countries who don't require visas to visit the US. This includes biometric scanning (photo and fingerprinting) at the airports, etc. For more information, see or specifically this page:

In addition, machine-readable passports are required. There are waivers but a NYTimes article today says that you should not rely on getting a waiver.

Canadians are exempt (I read that this was the case if you travel by road. Check the fineprint to see about actual experience at airports.) According to the Passport Canada's page, this new policy does not affect Canadian tourists, as Canada is a passport exempt country, i.e. Canadians do not require a passport to visit the US. Possible exception: permanent residents of Canada (non-citizens).

Starting in May 2002, the Canadian Passport Office introduced digitized Canadian passports in an effort to counter criminal activities, such as identity theft and forgery.

If you have experience with any of this, I would be interested in hearing about it. But please no political rants!

Frances Toronto, Canada