Subject: Re: Travel on Air Asia
Dear Mark & Other Ziners

Have just used Air Asia, and can't speak too highly of it. We bought a cheap return flight Sydney/Singapore on another airline, then used Air Asia to go to and from Borneo. Flights are cheaper from Joho Bahru, so just caught the S$1.40 bus across the causeway to the Kota Raya bus terminal (the old one in centre of town, NOT Larkin, the one a few kms out of town) where there is a brand-new air-conditioned city terminal for the airport. You get a free bus from here to the airport. This flight was booked from Australia on the internet, and is a ticketless flight. You just give them your passport no. Joho Bahru/Kuching cost about A$45. We then flew back Tawau (on the east coast of Sabah) to Kuala Lumpur for about A$80. Have to pay for any drinks, but prices were reasonable. They certainly make it cheap to get around Asia.

Dianne, back in a beautifully sunny Sydney