Subject: What Area of Vancouver?
Good Day Ziners,

I am going with my parents to my Uncle's 90th birthday party in Vancouver in a couple of weeks. My Parents are staying for a week. Which area of town would be best for us to find accommodation in? My Dad had polio as a kid and can't walk for long distances but won't use a wheelchair. I have no problems with getting taxis as needed or using transit. They aren't that interested in shopping - more interested in the sights.

On another note: I went to Italy this summer using a lot of the recommendations from this group. I wrote a daily journal so that I could be one of those that wrote a travelogue on their return. Each day I wrote a little about the experience to share (as opposed to went here ate this - what I usually remember). Unfortunately, my luggage had such a great time in Rome that it decided to stay ... and that included my journal. Oh well, I still have my pictures and my memories. And I have learned a valuable lesson ... put the journal on the carry on. (along with my bathing suit - I always put the bathing suit on the carry on for the trip over ... nothing worse than having to go shopping for one of those! and especially not while on vacation!! So, I still had to buy a bathing suit but at least it only ruined a day of summer ... not a day of vacation.)

Diane in Ottawa