Subject: Paradores in Spain
Hello Fellow Travelers:

We love the Paradores in Spain, but we were surprised by the comments of a British expatriate in Almeria who suggested that he and his wife avoided them because of their reputation for less than stellar meals. Over the last couple of years there has been a good deal of improved quality control at the Paradores and while the dinner menus from one to another appear to be the same in format, they do exhibit a good deal of regional differences. We found that the Paradores had a menu at least as good as any local restaurant and often better. We actually compared the menus with local restaurants. The breakfasts are standardized and are substantially the same in each Paradore. Although standardized, don't be dissuaded. They are excellent and varied. Churros, however, are best bought on the street and can be found by following the locals.

Tom winding down in Carlisle.