Subject: Re: Car engine size needed in UK
Hi Sally

We have usually rented an economy car, such as a Ford Fiesta (1.2?). We haven't had any problems. I see that the discounter Auto Europe is charging about $36USD per day for 10 days in mid-November. We have rented from them in Italy and were happy. We have also rented in England from British Car Rental ( ) which has been taken over by Europecar. However the prices were cheaper for 1 way rentals. You have to be careful in using their website that you don't segue into the Europecar site when reposting information! The Renault Clio for the same time period is 109 pounds ($195 USD). So give them a whirl. We were pleased with their service.

I don't know much about cars but get the most fuel efficient car and as little car you can. The price of fuel is amazingly high!

Frances in Toronto, Canada