Subject: Re: Car engine size needed in UK
G'day Ziners, hello Sally,

We have done lots of driving in UK over the last 30 years, and you will not have any trouble with anything over 1 litre engine - probably 1.4 would be ideal. The economy angle is the real pointer - petrol is sold in 'star' rating (like our ULP and ULP premium) and at around 80p a litre, it's roughly twice what we pay (nearly 3 times US prices).

The A roads are def. the way to go if you want to see anything at all except speeding semis and concrete, note that the number of digits after the A is relevant to the grade of road - A100 is narrow, A10 a bit wider, and A1 is more or less highway. B roads are usually windy and hilly (nice, but slow) and anything without a classification is a farm track.

Hope you have a beaut time.

Paul (just along the road in Sydney)