Subject: Driving on holiday
Hi Ziners

We have driven the B roads of England on many accasions. My husband learned to drive in Wales so he is comfortable with windy, narrow roads but after driving in Canada for some many years, even he can be unnerved! Sometimes you are on what appears to be a single track road, dwarfed by high hedges and come out onto a fast moving A road. Scary! I love the high roads over moors and downs, especially when you get surrounded by sheep. Occasionally you find a totally straight road and Richard says, "Ah, a Roman road". I have only been through a ford once - a stream across the road, no bridge, just as you see in the intro scenes in "All Creatures Great and Small".

In Tuscany, by error we drove into a small hilltown that seemed to have no exit. In fact, the road out had such a steep incline and a sharp bend that we got out of the car to scout ahead, kind of like checking out the rapids when canoeing. I decided to walk down the road.

Another time we got stuck in a garage. Our rental car (we had our teenaged children with us) just wasn't suited to the tight turning space in the garage.

My parents tell of going through roundabouts multiple times until they found the right road.

Your favourite recollections of driving in Europe?

Frances in Toronto, Canada