Subject: Re: car size in the UK
Hi Ziners,

Thanks for the responses to my question about car engine sizes. That's what I like about the Zine - a range of ideas to point you in the right direction. Thanks to Baerbel for pointing out that you can't have your cake and eat it too- you either have to settle for seeing little to get the miles under your belt, or you take the smaller roads, enjoy the sights but don't make much progress distance-wise. I should know that - we got caught a few times last year in Italy, (don't try to drive to Portofino on the first day of a long weekend - we ended up getting permission from a policeman to do a 3-point turn in front of him illegally which allowed us to get out of the area as quickly as possible). But you know how it is ... you get a whiff of a travel brochure, you start dreaming, and the concept of "less is more" flies out the window.

Cheers to all, Sally (Sydney)