Subject: Re: train travel in Europe
Good morning, Ziner:

Lynn asked : "I was wondering if you could buy a ticket to Venice and get off the train in Florence and then resume your trip later? "

I once was one on a EuroStar train from Milan to Rome. When the conductor came to check our tickets, I asked him could I got off at Florence to show my son the Duomo and then catch a later train to Rome. He said yes. So we did that. But when we got back on the next EuroStar train heading Rome, the train was crowded, and we not only did not have reserved seats, but also when the conductor came to check our tickets, we were fined 5000 Lira per person for not making seat reservations for the segment from Florence to Rome.

I think you may be better off buying two separate tickets at Rome train station. One from Rome to Florence, another from Florence to Venice. I did just that during my first trip to Italy.

Mei-Ching (Massachusetts.)