Subject: Re: India and Bhutan
Hi Pam - and everyone else!

I don't know where all you are going in India. Some places are pretty grim and others less so. I loved India and will try to return, but! there is culture shock if you haven't done some 3rd world travel. OAT is a good company; I've run into them in previous travels and have heard only good things about them. They often stay a little higher on the hog than Explore, though in Darjeeling we stayed at the best hotel in town, really nice! Charm, good food and service. You'll find Bhutan less grubby and crowded than India; they don't have the overcrowding problem. Scenery is spectactular. People was welcoming. Roads are ok, by Himalayan standards. They were really bad around Sikkim, washed out from the monsoons. Which is why we were in jeeps. Tell me your impression of the Takkim!

Lonely Planet's India is about the best. Enjoy, for I know you will!

Cheers! jo, in still sunny sunnyvale!