Subject: Re: India and Bhutan
Hi Pam!

Sounds like a great tour - you'll be exhausted at the end but it will be worth it. I haven't been to the parks nor to Bombay, Kerala or Cochim, but the rest is fantastic. You've been around enough to enjoy the trip rather than suffer from the culture shock. On an earlier t rip to India, we did the Golden Triangle - Delhi, Jaipur and Agra, but then took the train onto Lucknow and Allahabad (where the Kum Mala was occuring - largest religious gathering in the world!) and then onto Varanasi. We then flew from there to Kathmandu. So you are sort of combining highlights plus, from two trips. I'm sure OAT will arrange for all sorts of goodies along the way.

At Thimphu there is a good Handicrafts Emporium along the main street - has an excellent assortment of stuff at reasonable prices. In Paro, there is a lovely National Museum, housed in an ancient round monastery that is worth a look, as well as climbing up to see the Tiger's Nest monastery, nestled in the mountain. There is a tea house half way up or, if you're a mountain goat, you can continue closer to the structure. I quit at the tea house and just enjoyed the view.

Takkin (or takin) is the national animal of Bhutan, the homliest critter I've even seen. Sort of between a goat and an ox! They corralled them as they were becoming a problem just running wild. Near Thimphu, if I remember rightly.

Sunnyvale is just south of San Francisco, heart of Silicon Valley which is still quite depressed, employment-wise! It also has some dozen or so mobile homes for those of us who can't afford the local inflated real estate.

Anyway, your trip will be great! What a wonderful honeymoon!

Cheers! Jo in Sunnyvale