Subject: Re: India and Bhutan
Hi Jo in Sunnyvale! I'm sure we'll be exhausted after a month away in Bhutan and India. But I won't let that stop me from our next trip scheduled for Jan. 5 for 13 days to Costa Rica! You've got me even more excited about the trip to B & I now! Takkin sounds interesting and I'm going to keep my eyes open. Yes, OAT has lots of goodies plan along the is going to a tiger sanctuary, and camel riding, and having dinner in the home of an Indian family, in Southern India we'll be on a houseboat for a couple of days in the backwaters. We have another couple that we met on our tour in Egypt and Jordan going on this trip so it should be fun. We're also doing the Costa Rica trip with OAT and somemore people that we toured with in Egypt and Jordan. It's so much fun re-connecting with folks we've met. I'm looking forward to the Handicrafts Emporioum at Thimphu, and we are schedule for the National Museum in Paro. I really enjoy hearing from you, if you can give me anymore information please do. Where are you off to next?

Pam from Phoenix