Subject: 5 days in New York
Our 5 days in New York worked out wonderfully thanks to all the great advice we received from the Zine. All the reasonably priced hotels we could find on the internet were booked and the rest were more than we wanted to pay for a spur of the moment jaunt, so we used a bed and breakfast agency called "Affordable New York". We stayed in the small apartment of a retired interior designer whose Victorian eclectic decor is beyond belief, there wasn't a square inch that wasn't adorned with lamps, busts, pictures, portraits,textiles artificial plants flowers, garlands books, etc. We were still finding previously unseen treasures as we were leaving. The host was charming if somewhat eccentric, and Susan at the agency very efficient and helpful.

We picked up our weekly transit pass at the airport. They don't advertise the fact but they can be purchased at the newsstand in the next building to the arrivals hall, it cost $21 We took the bus to the nearest appropriate subway and emerged a few yards from our B&B at Park Avenue and 34th St. We went all over the city by bus and subway and certainly got a bang for our buck. We felt safe at all times and found our fellow travellers most willing to help. The uniformed employees of the transit system however were uniformly rude and unhelpful! Our biggest problem wasn't on the subway but when we emerged, sometimes, well ok, often, we set off quite confidently in the wrong direction. Mistakes are soon discovered when you find you are going up in numbers instead of down or visa versa.

The 2 hour boat trip was, as recommended, a great introduction to the City. We went to the Metropolitan Museum, Sunday brunch at the Crystal Room at the Tavern on the Green. Walked Central Park from one end to the other with a stop at the John Lennon memorial and a quick peek at the Dakota building. Saw Mandy Patinkin in his one man show at the brand new 'Dogers" theatre. Times Square which isn't a square, Broadway and Rockafella Center with it's newly installed art exhibit, "Walking To The Sky". The recently restored Grand Central Station, at rush hour, just like in the movies, but there weren't any baddies up on the glass covered walk ways waiting to pick off the good guys, at least we didn't see any. We ascended the Empire State Building at sunset, it took about 80 minutes to get up there. I must say I found her a sad old lady. I guess she lost favour when the Twin Towers became the in place from which to view the city. She is badly in need of a make-over but the view is priceless. And oh so much more, but by far the best day was the one spent with Ziner Fanny Farkas. That will have to wait for another posting as I can see I am outstaying my welcome.

Thank you again to all you wonderful people who responded to my question and to The Three Amigos, as you can see your input was invaluable. Nancy, I look forward to hearing about your trip which was just a week after ours.

Regards from Waterloo, Sue