Subject: Re: off to Israel
Hi Fellow Travelers,

After many, many emails back & forth to Bettina, Debbie, & Alex, our wonderful Israeli Ziners, my niece, Margo & I, are off to have an adventure in Israel & Egypt. We will stay 4 nights in Jerusalem, having a gtg with said Israelis, then drive to the Galilee for a couple nights, the Dead Sea for 2 more, & then drive through the Negev desert & fly back to Tel Aviv from Eilat. Then off to Cairo to renew a friendship with a young muslim woman who was our Egyptian guide in Egypt. We'll have 3 nights in Cairo & 3 more in Luxor in an apartment with a Nile view. We are thrilled to be visiting with people in the countries we're going to, not just seeing the sights. Of course, there are many sights, but exchanging views of the world with other people living in different cultures is one of my main reasons for traveling.

We'll have many pictures & many tales to tell when we return.

Carol Bailey almost snowmobile time in N. Idaho