Subject: Egypt
Fellow Ziners,

I have finally made a decision and booked a trip to Egypt from December 20 to January 2 with Adventures Abroad, which is based in Vancouver. I travelled with them in 1993 to the Greek Islands with my parents and was very satisfied with the tour guide, the service, the hotels, the itinerary and the way everything run. So, after having travelled without a group in an organised excursion, I decided to do this. The only problem is that the excursion is over on January 2, when after breakfast people are supposed to leave to take their flights back home. The tour company could not find a seat for me, except at 4:20 am on January 3. They said I should be at the Cairo airport at 1:20 am that day! So, I will have a full day in Cairo on my own at the end of the excursion, already having visited the Museum of Antiquities, the Coptic section and of course the pyramids. Does anyone have any suggestions on what to do in Cairo on a Sunday on my own from morning until 1:00 am when I am supposed to go to the airport? I remember that some months ago we had the introduction of someone from Cairo in this group, a Mohamed Nassar. By the way, will anyone else be in Cairo then? Who knows, we could have a GTG on January 3, 2005 there?

Helio in Vancouver, Canada