Subject: 2nd Installment-Three Amigas in NY
Hi Ziners: ...continuation of 5 days in NY

Because of the construction, we were awake at 6:00 AM. Talk about moans and groans! I got up, put my feet on the floor, and was shocked to find that there was a hugh lump popped out on the side of my foot! Also, I felt like I was *walking* on bone - on that same foot! Then there were the hip joints, the lower back, the knees....... Good Lord! My compadres were no better off. Blisters, swollen ankles...obviously we over-did it! But, we were in New York! Nothing will stop us! So, with cotton between the toes, Infrarub on my body and padding on the ball of my foot, plus Tylnol for pain, I managed the second day mostly because we were going on the Tour Bus. (I sould have called this Journal "How We Came to New York and Became drug dependent!) There were three to get ready in a bathroom made for tiny people, but we were off again by 8:30 for muffins and coffee and headed for the Double Decker Bus for a tour of the City. Your ticket gives you two days of use. We also used it for a hop on and hop off for the day. The tour was great, from Central Park to the Lower South End by the Hudson River....included Greenwich Village, Little Italy and Soho. It gave us the lay of the land so that we could get on again and pretty much know where we were going. We took note on the tour bus where Canal Street was in Soho, where all the knock-off prices on purses watches and jewelery where. Both Marion and Marilyn got great purses and I even found one for myself. Purse was a great leather one - regular $69.00 for $20.00. There were a lot of designer bags to sell and it was very, very crowded in that area. Both sides of the street were loaded with merchandise - and people! Our Tour guide also explained why there were so many taxis. No parking lots! Or very few. He showed as one that was very small and as a car went in the lot it was put on some kind of hoist and pulled up in the air, another car would move in underneath it. That was probably for all day parking. The lot was no bigger than my house. I swear at one intersection, I counted upwards of 20 cabs! Rest of the cars were chauffered and parked at the curb waiting for their owners. There was one rather ( a'hem) spectacular sculpture on Wall Street. Seems someone built a sculpture of a raging, charging bull in cast iron, weighing tons and that someone, somehow managed to place it at the base of a Xmas Tree one Xmas morning in Manhattan. No one knew how it got there, but they decided to move it to another place eventually as it was really a magnificent sculpture. So they moved it to a spot on Wall Street. As we passed by, tourists were taking pictures more from the back end of the bull than the front end, because, you see (said the Tour guide) the bull was VERY well endowed! And so he was - and I have a pictures to prove it! :) Back on the bus in the afternoon (again hard on the joints climbing up little steps just about straight up!) and off at Times Square for lunch and more looking and walking! Before we called it a day, I ended up having to buy a hot water bottle for obvious reasons. Sure helped though :))) Besides tomorrow was shopping day! Yeah!! One never gets too old to shop! And that will help kill the pain! lol!

...continued... Nancy from Nova Scotia