Subject: Re: India/Bhutan - anti-malaria med and altitude med
Hi Pam and other adventuresome travelers,

I asked a similar question about six months ago regarding malaria and travel to west Africa. The CDC has some excellent information on the options:

We decided on the Malarone (designated A/P by the CDC) over the Larium/Mefloquine, which has some scary side effects. A friend of mine also went to Africa last summer and did extensive research, after which she opted for doxycycline because it's been around longer and she didn't want to take chances with her children.

As for altitude meds--10,000 feet doesn't seem particularly high to me. Though we're at sea level here, people often travel to the Sierras, and going from 0 to 8 or 10,000 feet within a few hours is typical. Some people do get headaches, but usually drinking water helps a lot.

Have a great trip! JoAnne in Silicon Valley, CA