Subject: Re: India/Bhutan - anti-malaria med and altitude med

I took anti-malarials in India. I have to take deoxycycline because I'm allergic to the other meds taken for malaria prevention.

In Peru this spring I took altitude meds (also antimalarials) but took them (alt. meds) at a reduced dosage. The injection clinic I always go to to get travel shots say that many folks have trouble with these meds because their doctors prescribe the dosage in their little drug "bibles," and lesser amts will do, and with much less chance of problems. I took half tablets, 2 per day, before reaching the high altitude and 2 days worth at high altitude. I had no problems with the pills or the altitude at Machu Picchu (about 11,500 feet), in spite of catching a nasty cold which had moved to my lungs by the time I reached high altitude! I can't remember dosage and had no reason to save the bottle the meds came in.

Joan Peterson