Subject: Re: New Zealand South Island Suggestions
Dear Greg, Since you're flying air New Zealand check with them about Farmstay/ Citystays vouchers. It's been many years since I was in New Zealand but the one farmstay we had was the highlight. Also,check the tourism website for New Zealand to see if you can get vouchers there. I think in New Zealand B&Bs are called farmstays or city stays or it could be all of the above. One of the programs require you to get the vouchers before you leave and when you get in the country you call ahead to make reservations or you can drive to the next city and see if anything is available.

I second that you go to Milford sound,I don't think you will have time to see as much as you can and have time to walk the Milford Trail, but there are many areas to hike and enjoy nature. I also discovered wine in New Zealand some of the best world wide. Wilma from Cloudy K.C.