Subject: Christmas/New Years in Venice
Hi Ziners

We just got the crazy idea (last minute) of heading to Venice during the holidays. My husband's company closes from 24th-3rd so if we add a few days, we could have 2 weeks. We spent 2 1/2 weeks in Italy in May this year & fell in love w/ Venice. In case you are thinking this is too much time in Venice, you haven't spent any time w/ my husband & his camera.

Has anybody spent the holidays in Venice? I looked up the weather & it looked the averages were in the 30's & 40's. Kind of cold for us southern californians.

Any comments? I see from the postings some people are headed to Paris. There are also a lot of specials for spending the holidays in Paris.

Well, if not Venice, any ideas of where to go?

Thanks for your help. You guys are sooooo wonderful. Maria Katz Redondo Beach, California