Subject: Re: Santiago de Compostela walks
Hi Lucy- We were in Compostela in September. We were just there for the day and didn't do "the walk" although we saw hundreds of people who were. I can only say that everything seems to be geared towards those who are on pilgrimage. Many, many people only walk the last section of the pilgrimage according to our guide. I suspect you could do it on your own with no problems although I would think a guide would bring a lot more perspective and insight to the process. I didn't get the feeling that any groups had special access to the cathedral as everyone waited in long lines. I think that being there during the off-season would cut down on the crowds,

There is a great Parador Hotel on the main square just across from the cathedral. It was for many hundreds of years the hospital for the church and looked like a perfectly charming spot to stay.

I can also recommend walking around the old part of the town, which is charming and filled with wonderful cafes and shops. All in all the Compostela experience is not to be missed. I hope this helps. Harry and Connie Chittick