Subject: 3rd Installment - 3 Amigas in NY
Hi Ziners: Another episode...

Today was shopping day! Yeah!! I did a lot of Xmas shopping, and bought a few things for myself. We hit Filene's Bargain Basement and I could have stayed all day I'm sure. Everything was either pure leather, silk, fur, or cashmere. In other words, not bad at all..Got a pair of beautiful gloves, $65.00 for $20.00 and in navy, a hard color to get. Macy's came next and that store is something else! The first floor was all purses and jewelry! Next floor, teen clothing; next floor, MY styles; and so on for 8 floors. Colors this year are pink and lime green! You can have it.... We took our bags back to the hotel, found a place to eat for lunch, and hopped a bus to Central Park and did the Carriage Ride. Not worth the money. (Later on the next day we came back) We were walking this time around Broadway and Times Square, then over to Rockerfella Center and the amazing sculpture Stairway to Heaven. By Xmas it will be replaced by a Xmas Tree but this sculpture is amazing! A tall round cement pipe-like pole standing on an angle with human-like figures walking on top of it spaced apart as if they were walking upwards on the pole. I have a picture of it in a magazine which I'll scan and put in with my other NY pictures. By 5:00 we headed back to the Hotel, again with sore feet. I wasn't the one worse for wear this day at least. Marilyn said "I need some Ibuprofen". We thought it was because her joints were so sore but she said she thought she had Tendinitis in her right arm from whipping her charge card in and out of her purse so often. Lol! Since we were going to Radio City Music Hall that night to see Julio Iglesias, we had to change and then returned to 7th Avenue close to Radio City Music Hall. We went to a great Deli (Stage Cafe on 7th Avenue) for supper, where we had our pastrami on rye (with breath mints for dessert!). Radio City Music Hall itself was - well I guess I'll have to say - Majestic. It was simply hugh and beautiful inside, impressively classy, and we sat there waiting for that sexy man to come out and sing for us - in Spanish - with that beautiful voice.....he was wonderful...!!! New York, I had heard, wouldn't be a place you would think you could walk freely and safely in the evenings. Not true! We felt perfectly safe. Stores were still open at 10:00 PM after the concert, people were out dining or going to or coming from the theater, even the tour bus was driving around. We did though, get a taxi back to our hotel. We figured we would NEVER get one! Marilyn said "Who says it's hard to get a taxi in New York"! And promptly stepped off the curb and raised her arm (the one that wasn't sore)and swoosh!!! there was our taxi! Couldn't talk to her the rest of the night! lol! And so, another day came to a close. As tired as we were, we were still on a high from the concert. Did I mention the tango dancers? The Salsa number. Fantastic! We were in a trance or something throughout the whole concert. Mind you, we never see this calibre of entertainment too often in Nova Scotia. The odd big entertainer comes our way occasionally. So no wonder we were entralled - the music was slow and sensuous in parts, lively in others. We liked the slow and sensuous.. )! All for now... another report tomorrow..

from Nancy, Nova Scotia