Subject: Re: Christmas/New Years in Venice

My wife and I have visited Venice three times in the past four years. The first time for just a few days, the next for a week, then for two weeks in March of this year. We have always gone between January and March and only once been there during part of Carneval (the last day in 2003). We are currently going to be in Venice from January 12th through February 9th of 2005 and take in the entire experience of Carneval. We have found that Venice is not very crowded and the weather to be very similar to what we experience here on the northern coast of California. We find the city delightful with or without the holiday crowds in the winter. You can expect more people during the Christmas/New Years and Carneval holidays than normal during the winter in the popular tourist places. The length of your stay; however, will give you plenty of opportunity to see more of Venice and its surroundings where the crowds do not go. As to weather, we have never really experienced any really cold or rainy weather while we were there, some fog which restricts the vapretto travel, but a fair number of blue sky and sun days in the 50's and 60's (our summer weather here). I would never hesitate in going to Venice for whatever length time in the fall or winter.

Have a wonderful time. Sam in redwood country