Subject: Re: Bourgogne

I agree with Alex about visiting Beaune. We spent three nights there as a jumping off point to explore the Burgundy area and the wonderful vineyards in the neighbourhood. In addition to the Hospice de Beaune, there are numerous caves to visit in the town as it is the mercantile centre for Burgundy wine. We visited Dijon (less than 20 miles from Beaune) and found it a less interesting place to stay than Beaune.

In Beaune, head to the tourist office and purchase a wine map. It indicates all of the wineries where you can stop to taste and buy on the country roads. In our experience, we were never turned away from a winery even if the owners were in mid-lunch! The map is also a great souvenir (it's large and we have it framed and hanging on a wall).

Lucy, Toronto