Subject: news from Israel
Dear Ziners,

I received this note from Carol today. She wasn't able to get the internet to accept her e-mail so she asked if I would copy her note to me and paste it here for you all to read. So here it is:

Hi Miriam, Pat & other Ziners,

Margo & I arrived in Jerusalem Oct. 19 ....unfortunately my luggage didn't make it until the 21st! Oh, well, we Ziners improvise!

We met with the Israeli Ziners who have helped us plan this trip, Debbie, Bettina, & Alex for dinner last night. What an intelligent, welcoming, gracious group. Thanks, Don & Linda, for providing the atmosphere where people of the world can meet in gtg & share experiences. We talked for 3 hours over food & then went for a walk, looking at the Old City at night & walking through the lobby of one of the last bastions of the British Empire in the Middle East, the King David Hotel. We meet Debbie & Bettina again tomorrow when they will help guide us back to our hotel with our rental car.

What a joy to be here. More later, Carol Bailey in summery Jerusalem...not snowy Idaho!

I can vouch for what a nice person Debbie is, I met her in Turkey last month. Miriam - Oregon