Subject: Re: San Luis Obispo and the Central Coast
Hi, Nelly.

When you say you are going to Cambria, does that mean you plan to see the Hearst Castle? That should definitely be on your list if it is not. Note that you do need to reserve tickets in advance -

Each of the last two years I have stopped in San Luis Obispo enroute to the Bay Area. The attraction? The huge Thursday night farmer's market and BBQ. Six blocks of Higuera Street are blocked off to cars. The mobile cookers move in and the air is filled with the lusty aroma of barbecued ribs, sausages and chicken. Farmers from around the area also have their best produce for sale. There are over 100 vendors in all. Given the time of year that you will be there, I might expect that you also might find people offering Christmas crafts and treats.

Of course, the most famous tourist attraction in SLO is your motel - The Madonna Inn. Please do let us know which one of the theme rooms you stayed in. Perhaps the Jungle Rock room - ?

You also should search the archives for messages from Amelia in Chatsworth about California's Central Coast. She loves directing people to out of the way spots in that part of the state, like waterfalls and hot springs. I think she is on the staff of the chamber of commerce.

Mark Los Angeles