Subject: Airline legislation vote
To all Ziners,

Right now, if an airline you're holding a ticket on goes bankrupt, other airlines must give you a "space available" seat for a maximum fee of $25.00. So, if you've flown on one of your segments, you'll still be able to get home for a very fair fee.

This rule will be ending on November 19th. After that date, if you're stranded, you could be forced to buy a "walk-up" fare one way ticket to get home. These can easily be $1000 for a domestic ticket.

There is a bill being voted on next week that will extend that date so the airlines cannot charge people whatever they feel like that day to get them to their destinations. It's called the FRIST-WYDEN AMENDMENT and it will protect passengers on bankrupt airlines.

Sen. Laughten (NJ) is wildly opposed to this and fighting hard for the airlines to have the right not to honor this. He's couching his support of the airlines by telling us that he's working for us because he's going to make our credit card company give us a refund. Errr....would you rather have a $100. refund on your $200. ticket and then pay, perhaps $1000. to get home?

If you want your state senator to protect your rights, you need to let him/her know that you want them to SUPPORT THE FRIST-WYDEN AMENDMENT.

If you call 800-839-5276 they will connect you to your state senator's office where you can voice your support of this amendment if you feel it's the right thing to do. The vote is next week, so do it asap if you're in agreement with this bill.


Mods note: Two of the Big 6 US airlines are currently in bankruptcy, & it is likely that at least 2 others may join them soon. However, these Chap 11 airlines still operate some schedules. Only a Chap 7 filing & complete cessation of services would cause total shutdown. Gail, Volunteer Moderator in Eugene