Subject: Re: Map for Paris
Hi Janet and other Ziners,

Funny, but I've never had a map of Paris that was anywhere near as good as the ones you get for London. I have a couple of London that are attached to my hand while we're there, but not so with Paris. MapEasy's Guidemap to Paris is pretty handy. I can find Rue Cler on it. I won't buy a Paris map if it isn't there. Museums, shops, hotels, etc. are included. The spiral bound Michelin's Paris Atlas worked well for us this year, too. It's a handy size and you're not quite so obvious when you're checking locations. And, as an additional recommendation, if I can figure out where I am using it, anybody can. I'm terrible when it comes to directions.

I like the City in Your Pocket maps (the one for San Francisco is excellent), but don't know if they do them for European cities.

Al's recommended map, Streetwise Paris, sounds good and definitely worth checking.

Happy travelling all, Peggy * SW OH USA