Subject: Re: USA Road Trip
Josie, I would look into staying in the East Bay your first night like Emoryville near a BART station. BART is the local "subway" for rapid easy transport into SF for some fun and food. Driving in SF is a very bad idea. Traffic is terrible and parking is worse. Tere are plenty of large business type hotels in East Bay plus you can visit Berkeley and Oakland. Then just head out on the 880 to the 550 to the 5 south all the way to SD. This is an easy to follow route of major roads. It will be as fast as you could go and as drab as the outback I would guess ( never been to AU ). Make sure to have a big breakfast before you leave since there is NO FOOD worth eating on 5 unless you count Mcdonalds as food. I reccomend Bettes Fourth Street Diner in Berkeley. It will be crowded but it moves fast, has great food and is totally a local thing. Very easy to get to from the freeway in east bay. Then you wont have to eat till you get to LA or so ( 5 -6 hours ) which if you like mexican food I can make a suggestion or two right off the 5 just past downtown LA. If you want to try really, really authentic chineese food I can recommend that as well right off the 5. SD is a great city , once considered a navy town not worth a visit, now it is Americas most desired ( and expensive) place to live. Of course it was nicer when no one wanted to move there and was a sleepy beach city. I lived there in 1977 and should have stayed. What does a 19 year old kid know! If you can take your car to Mexico I suggest a visit to Ensenada. John wil have all the good info on SD and I would take him up on his offer. The desert, mountains and beaches are all right there and all beautiful. Enjoy, David