Subject: Re: USA Road Trip
Hi Josie: For your info, the SF airport is on 101 south of SF. As a compromise between 1 (which is lovely and follows the coast, but slow,slow,slow) and 5 (which is fast but boring), I would stay on 101 to LA, where you can pick up 405 which will then run into 5 onto San Diego. The last time I did LA (besides flying down and using a shuttle to where I wanted to go!) was something like 4 AM on a Sunday! The only way to go! But you can't avoid going through LA. I don't think you want 99, which is often full of traffic and slow (not as slow as 1, but much less scenic). I also second the suggestion that you take a hotel at the airport and get a night's sleep before tackling this drive. However, there are good motels/hotels along 101 - Santa Clara, just before San Jose, is about an hour down the freeway, has a bunch of them -- you shouldn't have any trouble finding a place to stay. However, San Diego is well worth the trip. Hope you get out to LaJolla and some of the coastal areas. Cheers! Jo, in Sunnyvale, south of SF north of Santa Clara