Subject: Re: USA Road Trip
Josie, I would agree that if you're not looking to spend time in SF than staying in Santa Clara / San Jose area would be better. If you have a 2 or 3 hour drive in you after you land head to San Luis Opisbo ( SLO ), a nice college town with lots of hotels/ motels right on the 101 and will save you lots of time the next day. The trip down the 101 to LA is much nicer and you can stop in Santa Barbara ( 100 miles from SLO ) which is beautiful. Have lunch at La Super Rica ( Milpas street just past Cota) for the best mexican food in America IMHO as well as most food critics and Julia Childs. From Santa Barbara to LA is a nice ride and you can cut over to the PCH ( coast hiway)in Oxnard easily if you want to see Malibu and that is a great ride and will actually save you time. From there just head down the PCH till it turns into the 10 and you are about 3 miles from the 405 south which turns into the 5 after about 50 miles or so. The ride from San Jose to SB and on to SD will be about 9 hours with some traffic and stops. Much nicer than the 5 but much slower too. The 101 will have more speed traps than the 5 so be careful. You can see all this easily on just enter CA and scroll around. When you decide let us know and lots of recommendations will come for food and sightseeing. Ciao, David, in wet Santa Monica