Subject: Re: Zürich
Hello Luda, The trip by rail to the city (Zürich HB) from the airport (Zürich Flughafen) couldn't be easier. Trains depart frequently and the journey takes a mere twenty minutes or so. At the airport train station, you should be able to buy a one-day ticket good for the round trip, plus public transit in the city, if required. Zürich is an easy city to enjoy on foot starting down the Bahnhofstrasse all the way to the lake. Exploring the smaller streets to your left (towards the Limmat River) and crossing the bridges, you'll find yourself standing in a scene not unlike the one on this video: Here's a map of Zürich: and another with more detail: You might find some ideas on restaurants, etc. in our travelogues. Be prepared for high prices. Have a wonderful trip! Regards, Linda