Subject: Re: March weather in the Grand Canyon
Deb, The National Park Service oversees Grand Canyon National Park. They keep the South Rim open all year round. That said, the South Rim is at 7000 feet above sea level. It does get cold with some snow in the winter. However, March can be an excellent time to visit because the crowds will be much smaller than later in the year. According to a web site that I found (, the average daytime temperature in early March is around 50 degrees F and the average low is in the mid 20s. While there may be some snow on the ground, driving should not be hazardous unless a storm has just passed through. As to your question about whether the Grand Canyon is worth a visit - absolutely YES! It is certainly one of the natural wonders of the world. In fact, I would highly recommend all of the national parks in the western US. Several years ago I visited Zion National Park in Utah (northeast of Las Vegas) in March. There was some cold rain and sleet but it made the scenery that much more dramatic. When the sun came out later in the day, the colors in the sandstone formations were gorgeous. It was a memorable trip. Mark in Los Angeles