Subject: More Paris questions
Hello all, Thanks to everyone for their great map suggestions. Now, of course, I have more questions.

First, we will be in Paris with our son, his wife, and their 15 month old son. Our son has a research grant and we will play both tourists and babysitting grandparents. Do you have any hints for things that might entertain this happy, active toddler?

Second, I have been reading about the many places for a good view over the city - and also about how many steps one must climb to get to them. I can climb the steps but I am slow and need pausing places out of the flow of traffic. A swarm of teenage tourists behind me would not be good for anyone if the stairs are narrow, circular, and with no escape. Help?!

Finally, for today, I would be happy to receive any random suggestions or hints for our first time visit to Paris.

Thanks for your help. Take care, Janet Riverview, FL