Subject: Re: Valladolid
Hi, Rui,

I'd recommend you some quite nice hostal: Hostal Lima, via Tudela 4, 983 202 240

I was there this April during Semana Santa - then I had to pay for a single room 37 Euros. Surely, it's much cheaper during January. There many other hostals: Hostal Astroya, Ferrocarril 1, 983 202 754 Hostal Monaco, Avd. Ramon y Cajal 12, 983 258 998 Hostal Niza, Po. Arco Ladrillo 65, 983 233 831 Hostal Feria , Av. Ramon y Cajal, 983 333 244 There are even more, but not too much, because, actually, Valladolid is far from to be the center of tourism.

There are plenty of places to eat, especially around Pl. Mayor.

Being there don't miss a visit of Casa de Cervantes.

But don't forget that there can be terrible weather during this period. I had at the first part of April snow and 0-1 of Celcius.

Anyway, Enjoy your trip, Alex Elbert Jerusalem Israel