Subject: Japan Experts?
Hi fellow Ziners,

Am looking for an expert in travel in Japan. I am seriously considering an overnight bus from Tokyo to Kyoto. Anyone familiar with the inter-city busses?

It seems that I can travel from Tokyo to Kyoto for only 8,000 Yen on a comfortable bus (13,000 for the shinkensan).

The cheaper ones are said to be uncomfortable, although the prices do begin at only 4,500 Yen...a b-i-g plus from my point of view.

My Questions: 1. Do the busses make regular rest stops, despite having toilets on board? Approximately how often? In Israel for instance, and in Australia the busses stop every 2 - 2 1/2 hours. In Turkey they went sometimes 3 1/2 hours before stopping for a break. I smoke!

2. In Turkey it is not acceptable for a woman to sit next to a strange man on a bus. Is it the same in Japan? I have seen Lady's busses and reserved Lady's seats on regular busses. Should I go for one of these?

3. Are the really cheap busses so very uncomfortable?

Yes, I am aware that the bus takes 8-9 hours rather than the 2-4 hours a train takes. Time is not of the essence, money is.

Thanks for all ideas and suggestions.

Debby Israel