Subject: Re: More Paris questions
Hi Janet,

Paris is a wonderful place to take your grandchild. I've taken my granddaughter there twice and we can't wait to go back. Contrary to what I was told, I found Paris to be exceptionally child friendly -- the guards would come over and help me with the stroller -- move me to the front of the line so I could get in faster. Every time we went to a park, even though we do not speak French, my granddaughter would be playing with the other children. The parents encouraged their children to test out their English with their new English speaking friend. Even the waiters were were helpful. One waiter brought my granddaughter a mountain of chocolate.

Some of her favorites were:

* Parc Zoologique * Museum National History, Grand Galerie de evolution * The carousels * The playground by the Musee Marmottan -- in the warm weather they have pony rides * Pompidou Center

Regards, Sheryl, NYC