Subject: Hadrian's Wall
Hello Ziners,

Could anyone help me with information about seeing Hadrian's Wall in England please. Specifically, are there any places on the western end ie near Carlisle, that you get a good view of the wall? We know that in the Northumberland area, around Hexham and Once Brewed there are lots of ruins, and walks to where you can see the wall stretching for miles. Our problem is that we are heading from the Wall towards the Isle of Skye via Loch Lomond in Scotland and it looks like the quickest route is from Carlisle, skirting around Glasgow (our time is a bit limited). My husband and I will be able to see the eastern end in Northumberland as we drive from Edinburgh back through England, but our travelling companions fly out of Edinburgh to pick up a trip elsewhere. Any suggestions about viewing the Wall, and places to stay (B&B probably) will be most appreciated.

Cheers, Sally (from Sydney)