Subject: Re: Japan Experts?
Hi Debby, The majority of buses that I have taken in Japan have been feeder routes to trains (except a few local buses in Hokkaido) but...from what I've seen on the roads - they've got some pretty luxurious buses and my guess is those would be your top of the line (8,000 Y) ones. However, unlike other countries in Asia, you don't see old rattle-traps on the roads either (they have very strict maintenace standards for both private and public vehicles) - so my guess is that the 1/2 price version is probably acceptable for one journey (but do check to make sure that it doesn't stop at every town - making the trip appreciably longer). If my major concern was cost - at half the price, for just one 8-9 hr trip, I would just go with the cheaper bus and save 4,000 Y.

Sorry - no idea of the number of "comfort stops"! But - I'll send a note to a Japanese friend and see what he says (he's sporadic in responding to emails so....not sure how fast the answer will come back).

There is certainly no concern about strangers of different sexes sitting together in Japan.

Cheers! Judy in Hong Kong